I started a YouTube Channel

In the last 3 months I have seen my pet project - Dream Career Project - gain a following of nearly 200 people who want to hear from me about job applications, CVs, interviews tips, and advice on how to build a fun and exciting career.

Buoyed by this interest in my content I have decided to try my hand at videos. I've created a personal YouTube channel and I’m having a lot of fun…

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Running a Hackathon Your Team Loves

Running a hackathon is an important part of leading a high performing team in a software company. It has almost become a rite-of-passage in modern day software development leadership, marking the transition from reactive manager into proactive leader. Here is my take on how to run a hackathon your team will love. 

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Playing Games at Work

Playing games at work is something I recommend to everyone trying to build a high performing team. A good old fashioned fun gaming session has a number of benefits and creates a great fun culture and friendly atmosphere at work. We recently instigated a gaming culture and we're seeing fantastic results...

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