I started a YouTube Channel

It has been 5 months since my last post here and I've been busy working away on other projects. One of these projects was Dream Career Project which - a site I created dedicated to helping people find their dream career.

In the last 3 months I have seen that dinky little one-page website gain a following of nearly 200 people. That is nearly 200 people who have voluntarily signed up to hear from me about job applications, CVs, interviews tips, and advice on how to build a fun and exciting career.

Buoyed by this interest in my content I have decided to try my hand at videos. I've created a personal YouTube channel and have posted three videos already and have a lot more ideas coming in. I'm excited by it.

Most of the content on YouTube will be about careers and jobs but it will definitely have more of a personal aspect to it. After all it is me talking to the camera and telling stories so I'll make sure to keep it fun and interesting.

So if video is your thing, if you just want to see what I look like on camera, or you just love watching people make a fool of themselves then come check out my YouTube channel.

To give you an insight in to how my videos look at the moment here is my latest video (i.e. 3rd video I ever made):