Value First, Price Second: How to make good decisions in life (and software development)

When making decisions, jumping to the price as the first mechanism for comparison is a common mistake we all make. Everybody has done it at some point already and I am willing to bet most people resort to price as their default assessment most of the time. I know I do.

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One Task a Day

OTAD (One task a day) is another productivity tip that is a MUST-HAVE for anyone busting their arse on a side project. Whether you are a writer, painter, entrepreneur, singer, musician, programmer, or just planning a holiday, building a treehouse, learning to cook, renovating your house, or some other project in your life. OTAD will help you

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The Day I Learned I Didn't Know How To Eat Spaghetti

When I was 12 years old I went to a friend’s house for a sleepover. Let’s call him Tom, not for any made up or privacy-based reason but because that was his actual name.

Tom and I always made the most of every sleepover. We went for a bike ride, played some backyard cricket, kicked a football around, and climbed some trees. By late afternoon we had really built up an appetite and Tom’s mum kindly asked me if I liked spaghetti...

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