Making Decisions: My Way, Your Way, and the Right Way

Throughout life, whenever you are looking to choose your next step, there are always different options or paths you can take. Whether it be in business, relationships, career, travel, friendships, or creativity - everything has a series of choices you need to make in order to progress and every decisive moment in life can seem like a make-or-break moment, a point in time where you need to make a critical decision that shapes the future, a time where you feel that you must make the 'right' decision.

But what is the right decision?

Be right for right now

There is no single right decision. No decision that will always be the right decision. There is only a decision that is right for right now.

You cannot pick a perfectly right option that will hold true forever. The more time that passes the more likely that decision will look incorrect. Experience, and hindsight, is like that.

Whatever is the most correct in the current moment is the best choice. The future will change and with it your decisions can change too. There is no point spending time trying to get every decision right for every part of the future. You can only make the right decision for right now.

But 'right' is still a matter of perspective.

Your way versus my way

I do things my way because I've seen that work before. You do things your way because you've seen that work before. But what worked for me does not always work for you and vice versa.

Both choices have been right in the past and both choices may be right again in the future, but only if we continue to work in isolation.

But if we want to work together then neither option is right.

Our way

When we start working with others our perspective needs to change.

Your way is not the right way. Your way is one possible right way.
My way is not the right way. My way is another possible right way.

What we need to come up with is our right way.

Together we need to discuss and decide on our best course of action. Together we make the choice on what is the right way for us for right now.

The moment we make that decision together it stops being your way or my way and it starts being our way.

Making better group decisions - check your ego

Check your ego at the door when making decisions with other people. It doesn't matter whose idea it was, who did what in the past, or who said something first. The only thing that matters is getting the right outcome for everyone involved, not what your precious ego feels.

In summary;

Make your decisions based only on what you know right now, don't be prejudiced by your past ideas, and choose options that maximise positive outcomes for all parties. 

Easy to say, much harder to live by.