Paleo Diet - Day 7 (final update)

A full week down! 7 days on the paleo diet and I must say its going well. I can feel that this lifestyle is becoming more habit than forced and I am really enjoying the amount of fresh food I am eating. I'm beginning to wonder why it took me 27 years to figure it out.

The Obligatory Meal Info

Breakfast: Fried egg, bacon, with fruit salad and nuts Lunch: Salad with egg, bacon, and chicken sausage Snack 1: Boiled Egg Dinner: Beef Thai curry Snack 2: Fruit salad

My First Test - Takeaway!

Tonight I had my first big test of sticking to paleo. We had some friends over tonight and we ordered Thai food so I picked a nice coconut-based curry with big chunks of meat with vegetables (including potatoes). As I mentioned in some earlier posts, I am not too afraid of adding the odd potato to the diet as they are still a natural food and aren't going to cause me too many problems.

I did add some rice to my dish too but then did not end up eating it. Instead I saved myself for the left-over fruit salad. A much wiser choice.

The Week Summary

7 days complete and I am happy that this will become a regular lifestyle change for me. I love the food, I am happier, I am more creative, and I'm leaner but with more defined muscles. It has been a very positive experience, except for some slight sugar cravings but those are easily handled. Overall I believe this paleo style of eating not only makes sense but is good fun. I'm sold.

No More Paleo Updates

With the first week complete I wont be doing daily updates anymore. I really wanted to force myself to be accountable and writing every night was a way to do that but I feel that it is getting in the way of my other writing and I have lot more things to talk about still. As such my paleo diet updates more irregular and only when something important happens.