A Good Year Ahead (and a crazy year behind)

It was a crazy, hectic, and tiring last 6 months of 2011 but I feel like it was meant to happen that way. It saw some pretty significant positive changes in my life but also contained a few cycles of negativity that were quite testing. But, I've battled through and I'm back in 2012 ready for what seems like a good year ahead.

Last 6 Months

So what happened over the last 6 months? Why was I so absent on my own site? I'm glad you asked...

I got Married

Yes ladies I'm sorry to say that I am now officially off the market. In August, Sophie and I got married and it was a wonderful day. We loved every minute of it (even though it poured with rain) and it was amazing to be surrounded by all our family and friends when celebrating the occasion.

Of course an awesome wedding is not complete without an awesome honeymoon so we took off for several weeks and spent the time relaxing at by the pool/beach/bar at a Thailand resort. Money well spent and we came back feeling quite good.

I hated my Job

After such a happy and wonderful time with the wedding and honeymoon I came crashing back to reality when I went back to work and realised exactly how much I hated it. It was depressing and I quickly became very negative about it. Sadly I let this negativity infect other aspects of my life. Bad Zac!

Also as the year went on I realised that I wasn't going to achieve my goal of not needing a job for 2012. Realising that I had to continue working for a little while longer was saddening but at least it made me take action and change something...

I got a new Job

What's the next best thing to not having to work? Having an enjoyable job!

I was beginning to think that finding and enjoyable job might be liking trying to find the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. A fun story but total rubbish.

But I'm happy to have been proven wrong. I've managed to land myself a job which is interesting, mentally challenging and stimulating, and is placed within a great team full of friendly people.

Of course that means I've spent the last few months learning lots of new things and working hard which has meant my other projects (including this site) have taken a back seat. But something had to give.

2012: The Year Ahead

So after a good break over the festive season I am back and raring to go in 2012. I have this buzz about life at the moment and I just feel like 2012 is going to be a very good (and very big) year for me. Here are some of the reasons why:

My Job

As I mentioned above, my job is a very positive part of my life right now. Not only is it a great job for me right now but it also has loads of potential for my future.

I've got a manager who is committed to helping me grow into more senior roles, I'm working in a boom industry, and I'm at the bleeding edge of implementing new tools and process. All up this year is going to provide a great platform for me to go places. And quickly.

My Trading/Betting

2011 saw a lot of my spare time dedicated to projects related to sports betting and trading. While I only made a small amount of money for the year I learned lots and I feel better off for the experience. I am hoping to draw on this over the next 12 months and increase my profit level significantly.

My Body

After several weeks of eating and drinking like a modern day human over the festive season I felt disgusting. And motivated. Motivated to get back onto Paleo - eating, drinking, and thinking live a caveman - and I'm already loving it! Of course, I already knew how good being paleo felt.

I've also diagnosed a weakness in my shoulder/back area that was causing tightness and also contributing to poor form (and thus undue soreness) in the gym. So I'm onto a rigorous daily routine of stretching and light exercises to increase my overall flexibility but also get some of my under-used muscles up to the required level.

By the time I'm finished with this I will be lean, flexible, strong, and pain-free. That makes me very happy!

My Wife

Last, but certainly not least, I am looking forward to spending some good positive time with my wife. We're focusing this year on doing more activities, experiencing new things, and going to see new places together.

We're committed to being aware of the other person (their thoughts and feelings in particular) and also ensuring that we demonstrate our love for each other often.

This is what I am looking forward to the most - a wonderful year with my wonderful wife!

I hope your 2012 is looking as good as mine.