6 Month Site Stats

6 Months ago I started this website with the goal of writing high quality content that would challenge myself and my readers and encourage positive personal development. Overall I feel that I have been at least partially successful. I know for sure that I have grown significantly during this time (mentally, not physically...I've actually shrunk physically ;)) and I have received several positive comments an emails from readers which help to motivate me.

The 6 month milestone is huge for me because it means that this site has become an ingrained part of my life. It is my first real attempt at a blog-type website and there was always a possibility that I would not be able to maintain the time, effort, and focus needed to maintain this kind of site. Now that I am here I don't think I will ever stop.

Enough chat, it's time to satisfy my nerdy math side and look at the stats!

The Site Stats - Overall

These are the entire stats for the lifetime of the site. After I will include stats for the last 3 months and compare them to the first 3 months to see how the numbers have changed.

  • Total Visits: 4183
  • Unique Visitors: 3461
  • Page Views: 7596
  • Total Subscribers: 15
  • Traffic Split: Search Engines = 64% , Referring Sites, =22% , Direct = 14%
  • Most Viewed Article: Paleo Diet - 30 Day Review

Those stats are looking pretty good. I noticed a pretty good spike when I was blogging about the Paleo Lifestyle and that shows because even though my 30 day review of the Paleo Diet is only a few moths old it is my most read article.

I guess that means I should write more paleo articles.

The Site Stats - Last 3 Months

Here are the stats for just the last 3 months, compared to those of my first 3 month review. Things are looking good.

  • Total Visits: 3513 (up 2862 or 439%)
  • Unique Visitors: 2997 (up 2534 or 547%)
  • Page Views: 5884 (up 4223 or 254%)
  • Total Subscribers: 15 (up 14 or 1400%)
  • Traffic Split: Search Engines = 68% (up 22%) , Referring Sites, =20% (down 13%) , Direct = 12% (down 9%)
  • Most Viewed Article: Paleo Diet - 30 Day Review

I am pretty happy with that. Everything is moving in the right direction which is very motivating, and even though I have been so busy with my software development business and planning a wedding that I have not been able to write as much as I wanted I am still getting positive gains in my traffic.

The Future

So what is in store for the future? Hopefully the next time I am writing about my site stats I am delivering the same positive message of continued traffic growth! Traffic is king on the internet and is the key determinant of success for most sites. Fingers crossed mine keeps growing.

I still have many more articles to write so I don't fear running out of content anytime soon. In fact for every article I write it feels like I come up with another 3 ideas.

The biggest challenge will be my upcoming wedding and honeymoon. I don't want to disappear for a month right in the middle of my crucial site growing stage so I am going to be busily writing a few articles ahead of time that I can roll out while I am relaxing on my honeymoon without anyone noticing I am gone.

I've got some great ideas for that, including a long series of posts on relationships, so keep an eye out for that.

Stay tuned.