Attention RSS Subscribers: RSS Feed Change

I was trapped. The room was suffocatingly small and a big burly man was sitting between me and the door. Escape was not an option, so I sat in the corner and occupied my mind. That is about as glamorous as I can make it sound for I am actually talking about a very boring meeting I had to attend in a past life. I hate useless meetings and my old job as full of them. Meetings to discuss if we should have a morning tea. Meetings because people wanted to feel important. Meetings to discuss the prospect of future meetings. Argh! But I digress.

The point is that it was in that meeting that I realised just how much I love numbers. As I sat there, bored out of my brain, I developed a series of tests that I could perform in my head to determine if large numbers (i.e. more than 6 digits) were prime numbers or not. My method took less than 15 minutes to define and it was in that moment that I realised just how much I love anything to do with math - numbers, stats, averages, trends, patterns etc.

Which brings me to the whole point of this message - I have updated my RSS feed and I would appreciate if my current RSS subscribers could re-subscribe using the new feed.

RSS Changes?

The reason I am changing is simply to satisfy my data needs. My original feed was the out-of-the-box RSS feed that comes with Wordpress. It is handy but comes with a flaw. I cannot see the numbers subscribers! What good is it having a subscription mechanism where I cannot even keep track of the number of people subscribing?

So I have changed the RSS subscription links to use Feedburner which is what I was already using to manage my email subscriptions. It allows me to track numbers of subscribers easily and with minimal changes to my site.

What Changes Will You Notice

None. You can still subscribe and receive updates in exactly the same way, but if you do so through this link I will now be able to keep track of the number of my subscribers. You will still get my content delivered to you as you always have.

And if you don't switch? Nothing will change either. The original feed will still work. There is no encouragement for you to actually re-subscribe using my new feed other than the warm fuzzy feeling you will get from doing something nice for me. :)

So, for those original RSS subscribers I ask you to please consider re-subscribing. For those who have not subscribed yet, it is never too late! You can subscribe to receive my content updates either through email or RSS. All you have to do is subscribe once and everything will be sent to you fresh of the press.

Please note: for email subscribers no action is required. This is for RSS subscribers only.