Paleo Diet - Day 4

Day 4 on the Paleo diet and I'm feeling great! Perhaps the earlier bedtime last night played a part but I cannot discount the possibility that this paleo eating style is having positive effects on my body. Just like it said on the tin!

The Obligatory Meal Info

Breakfast: Chicken Apple Hash and some Macadamias Snack 1: Apple and almonds Lunch: Salad with leftover lamb rissoles Snack 2: Big serve of watermelon Snack 3: Two eggs (fried after a quick afternoon workout) Dinner: Bolognese, steamed vegies (broccoli, cauliflower and carrot) and macadamias

Extra Meals!

After some more reading I've added some extra food into my day. My main concern is losing too much weight as I am already quite lean. Since January I've dropped 5.2kg (from the Slow Carb Diet and general good eating habits) and I don't want to lose much more. So the solution is adding extra paleo-friendly meals to my day. I am not going to structure it but just try to get myself into the habit of eating when hungry.

Eating When Hungry

Eating when hungry is the ideal way to tackle the paleo diet. If you feel hungry, you eat. Simple. It means that you listen to your body and if you need to eat 3 meals one day and 6 meals the next that's what you do.

Today I was hungry at about 11:15am and I had already eaten my morning snack. So i tucked into my hearty lunch! I got a few weird looks and the odd comment about how "it's not lunchtime yet" simply because I was eating before midday. It made me realise how much emphasis we put on the clock instead of just listening to our bodies and it was in that moment that I made the resolution to eat whenever I damn well felt like it!

Energy Plus

Today it only took me a few minutes to go from lying in bed to being fully awake, primed with energy and ready for the day. I was energetic and happy right from the start of the day, a feeling I hadn't experienced for quite a while.

I contribute this increased energy and general good feeling partially to the diet and partially to the longer sleep time. Even though I still did not manage to sleep through the entire night without disturbance, I spent over 9 hours in bed and my body rested appropriately.


I'm getting into this paleo eating and I feel like it is something I can definitely sustain in the future for a long time. I'm also re-learning how important sleep is in our lives and with that my focus is shifting to be less about time-suck social temptations and more about giving my body what it wants.