Paleo Diet - Day 2 (The Sugar Itch)

Day 2 in my paleo experiment was good but a little harder than yesterday. I'm calling today my "sugar itch" day because I found myself daydreaming a few times about sweet foods. I think it will get worse though hence it only being an itch today. I did spend the day in an office watching people chowing down on cream-filled biscuits, chips and lollies so maybe that didn't help. But I digress. Time for the interesting part:


Breakfast: Leftover Salmon and mixed nuts (Brazil and Pecans) Snack: Orange and almonds Lunch: Chicken salad (lettuce, carrot, tomato, capsicum, 2 boiled eggs, 100g chicken) Snack: Apple and almonds Dinner: Spicy Orange Chicken (Zac's recipe) with lots of vegetables on the side. Drinks: A few Vodka, Lime and Sodas to round out the night!

Paleo Taste

As I alluded to earlier, I had a an urge for some sugar today. I think that mindset made the meals seem blander than they actually were. I normally love my chicken salad but I had to push myself to finish it today. I expect this to get better as I get used to the no sugar intake.

Dreaded Weight Loss!

I weighed myself again this morning (this time BEFORE breakfast) and I was down 1.4 kilos! Not cool. Some of this I can contribute to having a little extra weight yesterday as "wedding hangover" but it still rings some alarm bells. Standing at 6"2 (188cm) I am already relatively lean so weight loss is not ideal. I will continue to monitor this in the future, especially after gym workouts.


I'm feeling a little flat as I write this but I contribute that to a recent lack of good sleep. Overall I feel the paleo diet will work well. I can see how it would easily result in weight loss for overweight/obese people but am unsure of maintaining it in my lean state. Perhaps I am simply not eating enough? This is only day 2 after all so I will reserve any judgment until I have further data.

Day 2, the "sugar itch", complete!