The flood waters have receded, the cleanup is well underway, and I have successfully moved into my new house. Time for me to unveil what is all about. In a nutshell this site is about personal development - physical, mental, and everywhere in between - and how to turn a positive attitude into lifestyle freedom. There will be lots of information designed to challenge the norm and push boundaries to improve productivity and encourage positive personal growth. But there will also be useful anecdotes and information, case-studies, tips and tricks, and progress reports on my own personal experiments.

Three years ago I started writing a personal development book called Positive Happiness. After finishing the first draft I decided that I did not want to sell it - I wanted to give it away instead. I believe so strongly in the information that I wrote that I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to read it and benefit from it. That is why this site will include many articles based entirely on Positive Happiness. I really hope you can learn something from them and apply them to your life.

Like any personal development quest there will be tough times and challenges. Forcing change in your life and purposefully traveling against the flow societal norms is a difficult task, riddled with criticism and self-doubt. But it is precisely those times that a positive and productive mindset is needed to stay on the path towards lifestyle freedom.

Strap yourself in.