Hi, my name is Zac Sky

I build high-performing engineering teams to deliver great software.

Over the past seven years I have focused my energy and studies on how to build great teams, create high-performance culture, and develop strong leaders.

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Some bonus facts about me

If you're still reading then I'm not sure what else you want to know about me, so here are some random facts you might find interesting. Feel free to send me an email if anything here grabs your attention:

  • I ran my own software development & consulting company from 2010 to 2014
  • I was formerly a certified Cricket Coach
  • I have two degrees and I dabble in artificial intelligence and automation projects
  • I have played representative level competition in Cricket, Rugby League, Australian Rules, Touch Football, Soccer, Indoor Cricket, Indoor Soccer.

Get in touch with me

I'm always open to meeting new people, having positive and passionate discussions, and experiencing new things so if you fit that description then there are several ways you can get in touch and have a chat with me:

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