Introducing Jack Brumby

Let me introduce Jack Brumby.

Jack Brumby is government trained spy who ended up serving his time as a data analyst, chained to a desk in bureaucratic hell while he dreams of a better life.

I couldn't have written it better myself because...well, I did write it myself. Because I am Jack Brumby.

I actually made a video about this recently where I describe where the idea for Jack Brumby came from and what his background is. In that video I also do a live reading of my first ever short story written as Jack Brumby so check it out and let me know what you think:

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Since that very first day when I started the website I wrote 17 posts as Jack Brumby. I stopped posting for a variety of (mostly stupid) reasons but I have decided it is an idea worth revisiting. I have decided to revice Jack Brumby.

I already have my first new story sitting with my wife/editor for review and a few more ideas forming. If you'd like to know more about Jack you can read any of the posts on his blog ( but I suggest reading what I consider my best ones:

Future Plans for Jack Brumby

I am going to start writing as Jack again. It is extremely fun to slip in to a character/fantasy world and write something without worrying too much about it. Just enjoy the writing process.

Plus the habit of writing and being creative is powerful. Once I get started I feel creativity flowing in to all areas of my life and as I tweeted recenty, increasing my happiness:

After I get back in to the writing habit, I could see myself putting a compilation of stories out as a ebook and I even have a pretty solid plot idea outlined for a Jack Brumby novel. But I'm not getting ahead of myself yet. I'll start the writing again and do it for my own enjoyment.

If you do like the Jack Brumby stories then I would love to hear from you as nothing helps motivation like a little friendly appreciation.