The Day I Learned I Didn't Know How To Eat Spaghetti

When I was 12 years old I went to a friend’s house for a sleepover. Let’s call him Tom, not for any made up or privacy-based reason but because that was his actual name.

Tom and I always made the most of every sleepover. We went for a bike ride, played some backyard cricket, kicked a football around, and climbed some trees. By late afternoon we had really built up an appetite and Tom’s mum kindly asked me if I liked spaghetti...

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Froggy the Turtle - Lessons from a two year old

Most people believe the parent-child relationship is very much one of master-apprentice where the parent lays down the rules of the world for the child to learn. This is not my personal experience. With 30+ years of experience in this world I definitely have a few things I can teach my daughter but the reality is that all too often I find that she is teaching me, and often they are important life lessons.

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Making Decisions: My Way, Your Way, and the Right Way

Everything in life has a series of choices you need to make in order to progress and every decisive moment in can seem like a make-or-break moment, a point in time where you need to make a critical decision that shapes the future, a time where you feel that you must make the 'right' decision...

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